Clean up your CSS Coding

If you always play around with your CSS coding to make your blog better, you should take a look at this tool call CleanCSS. Basically this tool can help to optimize the CSS code and makes the format clean. In other words, you can make your CSS code tidy and neat. Especially if you’re not a programmer, a neat and tidy coding will keeps you from messing up your blog. Once you started to edit and include lots of stuff to your blog, your CSS coding might become huge and fill with unnecessary repeated stuff. If your blog happens to become what I mention above. Please take some time to try out CleanCSS. You’ll get a smaller CSS file size with better written code. I think your blog can load smoother if you have a smaller CSS file size.

Before you try out CleanCSS, be sure you know what you’re doing. Just back up everything before you start trying it out. Study the tool carefully, especially the option section. Check out the important notes listed. The same selectors and properties are automatically merged. So you have to remember and understand the changes when using this tool. Another important note is this tool does not point our errors in your CSS code. This tool is not a validator. You need to use the W3C Validator for that purpose.



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