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hot wordsOne of the methods to get your blog or website index at high search rank is to build a high density of keywords within. Before that we need to do some research before making the decision on which words to choose. That means we need to check which keywords is most widely search by people so that we can understand more a less what people are searching for. This task is time consuming as we need to collect a lot of data. The more data gain, the more accurate targeted visitors. It’s basically tracking down people that might be interested at your blog or website. Understanding the market and the keywords used for searching is the first step. The next step is to choose keywords that are suitable for your blog or website. Other bloggers will also be doing the same thing as you are so you might want to work smart to avoid competition. The less competitive keywords choose the easier for your site to rank high at search ranking. Personally I’m using Google Adwords to check the keywords. Keywords that came out expensive are listed as competitive. After decided which keywords for your blog or website, all you need to do is try to include those keywords in most of your articles as frequently as possible. When your blog or website gains sufficient keywords density, you’ll start to see the results. For this post, let’s just study which keywords most widely searched. You may check out Hot Words as the site provides info on top search keywords daily and monthly. The site is still new and at Beta stage but the info provided can be very useful for us.



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4 Responses to “Check out Hot Words for Keywords”

  1. Melvin says:

    honestly there’s an imposing risk for joining sites that are still in beta stage

  2. Kumo says:

    That’s true. This site is ok as you don’t have to sign up or join to test it out.

  3. Free Adwords Method And Keyword Research Training says:

    Interesting site, I can see where it could be of some value during keyword research. It looks like a good place to get ideas for niches and new keywords to go after. They don’t seem to be updating the blog or the top 80 keywords for the month ever since June/July of 08, too bad. Maybe they will make a comeback, it seems like a good idea if they can make it profitable.

  4. Kumo says:

    Ya, it’s a waste if they just let the site die out. I’m sure with proper updates and improvement, the site can gain a lot of viewers.