Check Loading Speed and Monitoring Site Condition with Stella

blog and website checking toolStella is an interesting and useful tool for monitoring and studying blog and website. It is basically a free developer’s tool for monitoring and debugging site. There is basically couple of information which you can gather from Stella. The free tool enables users to check the loading or response time of a specific blog or website. Stella can also monitor the down time condition of the blog or website. Stella can notify blog or website owner via email, SMS or the PagerDuty API once a problem within the site is detected. This service is very helpful for bloggers who do not sign in often to their blogs. Especially for bloggers who handle and maintain lots of blogs or website, Stella can be very helpful in monitoring blogs condition.

If you run a page loading speed check on a blog or website, you will get more than just the response time. You will also obtain information for example headers response, content response, DNS and WHOIS. If you sign up for a FREE account, you are able to monitor your blog or website condition for past 7 days, 24 hours and 4 hours. This information is very helpful because you get to monitor the response time of your blog clearly. Best of all users can download the data as ATOM, YAML, JSON and CSV for further analysis and record purposes.

Stella is a great developer’s tool which bloggers should make full use of it. It is the next best tool that I found after Woorank.



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