Check and Test your blog on all Browsers

Do you know how many browsers available nowadays? Besides the popular Mozilla Firefox and Explorer, browsers that people are using include Chrome, Dillo, Epiphany, Galeon, Ice ape, Ice weasel,  Kazehakaze, Konqueror, Minefield, Navigator, Opera, Sea Monkey, Shiretoko, Avant, K-Meleon, MSIE and Safari. As there are so many browsers in the world, we should check the effects of these browsers to our blog. Basically we should check if our blog can display correctly using the browsers mention above. Well, you don’t have to make your blog to suit all of the browsers because that just too much work and too troublesome. At least you need to confirm couple of browsers that are being used popular, for example Explorer and Firefox. No doubt you need to confirm using these 2 browsers as most people are using them. Still if you have time and wanted to make your blog looks perfect, there are some website tools that you can try out without having to go into ever browsers to confirm the display of your blog.

There are 3 websites that you can check out. They are Browsershots, Cross Browser Testing and Browser Lab. Browsershots is a free open source online service. Basically what it does is makes screenshots of your blog in different browsers and uploads them to the central server.  From the screenshots you may check and edit your blog accordingly. Cross Browser Testing is a bit professional and they charge certain amount of money if you decided to take the test further. Basically Cross Browser Testing provides live testing by verifying the operation and functionally of your site and screenshots by verifying the visual layout of your site across browsers. You may check out the demo in video clips which is available on their site. Finally you can try out Browser Lab which is a product of Adobe. You may try out the Browser Lab or even check out the Video to see how it works. Some of the key features mentions are preview web pages across multiple browsers and operating systems, test web content quickly and accurately with powerful diagnostic tools, reduce costs significantly with an online testing lab vs. dedicated testing hardware and many more.

It’s good to try out all three of the website tools because you may learn something in between. As least you get to know how your blog display in different browsers. At some point we all need to adjust our blog to fit in a smaller screen. That is when everybody starting to online and brows though blogs and sites using hand phones. So it’s better to start learning how to adjust blog for different browsers. It should come in handy alter.



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  1. conceive girl says:

    There are certain limitations when using free versions. Browsershots proved to be useful so I can’t see why not buy a priority processing for just 30 bucks!