BuddyPress A Simple WordPress Plugin That Creates Your FREE Social Network Website

buddypress wordpress money making opportunitiesBuddyPress is a free open source that enables you to run a social network website but still you have to pay for the domain name and hosting service. Basically it’s a WordPress plugin. So if you’re interested in creating a social network website in a small scale or trying to learn about social networking website, I think BuddyPress is the right choice. The reason is because it’s a free open source and it works just like WordPress. You don’t have to put in lots of money to build it and there are lots of features that you can play around. The key of building a social network website that will attract people is simple. The social network website has to be user friendly, simple, easy to look at and of cause fun. I suppose you can take a look at Facebook and MySpace before you start building your own social network website.

Well, we don’t have to aim to build a social network website that is similar to Facebook or MySpace. I did think about having to create my own social network website and I’m still considering it now. It’s still at initial planning but I’ll definitely go for it when I accumulate enough resources. An example of a social network website that I might be creating will be as following.

Pick a main title or topic about the social network website, perhaps a website for car lovers. Members need to submit a picture of them taken together with the car they own to sign up. Members are allowed to upload pictures and videos but all must be related to cars. Members are encouraged to talk and post about cars related topic. One of the attractive functions is that members have the chance to feature at the main page of the website by having taken the most pictures of cars, the most videos of cars, the most post about cars written, the chosen car expert and many more. Lot of news, events and activities related to cars will be discussed. Not to mention all the contest, prizes and FREE giveaway will all related to cars. It will be a social network website created for car lovers and fans.

Sounds interesting? I think you can have similar idea for other topics like anime, books, or sports. You may even create a private social network website just for your high school classmates, company or a group of friends. Take a look at the example or showcases presented at BuddyPress homepage. I think you’ll get an idea on what kind of social network website you can create.

P/S: Start small. Just invite some of your friends to participate. Request them for feedbacks and ideas. Improve and tune your social network website little by little. Once you have a fairly good looking social network website running smoothly, perhaps you can try find some sponsors and making it big. Can you see the money making opportunities in it?



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