Bring Your Business into Mobile Market with the help of The Mobile Playbook

Creating a mobile site and trying to penetrate mobile market is not easy. Many businesses realize the potential of going mobile and the business opportunities within. But trying to get to smartphone users and tablet users is not as easy as it seems. There are basically two stages which every business needs to achieve in order to make money via mobile. The first stage is presenting their business to mobile users. Mobile users get to read, listen or watch the nature of their business and understand the service or product selling. The second stage is getting mobile users to purchase their service or product. In other words, trying to achieve high conversion rate with all the impression created. It may seem similar compare with businesses build on website or blog, but there is a significant difference which we need to pay attention. In order to achieve success and make money in mobile platform, we need to study the characteristic of mobile users. At the end of the day, mobile users are the customers. Their decision and action determines the success of a business in mobile market.

For businesses which trying to invest in mobile market and are not sure where and how to start, check out the blog post title “Announcing The Mobile Playbook” from Google Mobile Ads Blog. The Mobile Playbook focuses on 5 crucial questions and presented their advice and recommendation. The 5 questions are as below:

  1.  How does mobile change our value proposition?
  2. How does mobile impact our digital destinations?
  3. Is our organization adapting to mobile?
  4. How should our marketing adapt to mobile?
  5. How can we connect with our tablet audience?

Lucky for you Google stuff has listed out 10 recommendations in their later blog post title “The Mobile Playbook: Key takeaways” base on the content of The Mobile Playbook. Those of you who are lazy or do not have the time to check out The Mobile Playbook, at least go through the advices or recommendations. Below is the list of 10 recommendations:

  1. Define your value proposition by determining what your consumer wants to do with your business in mobile. Benchmark against others in your industry for ideas.
  2. Build a mobile website. Once you have a mobile website, check the stats and optimize based on consumer usage.
  3. Build an app for a subset of your audience after your mobile site strategy is in place. Don’t forget to promote your app.
  4. Assign a Mobile Champion in your company and empower them with a cross-functional task force.
  5. Set up a meeting with your agencies about what’s working and what’s not for your brand on mobile and tablets.
  6. Search for your brand in mobile, as a consumer would. Take 5 minutes and do this today. What’s working?  What’s not?
  7. Separate mobile-specific search campaigns from desktop search campaigns so you can test, measure and develop messaging specific for mobile.
  8. Run rich media HTML5 ads to extend your branding message to reach the mobile audience.
  9. Assign everyone in your marketing org the action item of reviewing their programs through a mobile lens.
  10. Check out your tablet consumer’s experience with your brand. Take 5 minutes today and search for your brand on a tablet as a consumer would. What’s working? What’s not?  Maximize the tablet environment with rich media creative.

On top of that, it will be better to become a smartphone and tablet users yourself. Put yourself into the position of mobile user and look at your own business. Listen to yourself and other mobile users. The feedback of various mobile users towards your business holds the key of improvement and success of penetrating mobile market.



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