App Indexing for Google Search can help Promote your Mobile Apps Design

Lately Google has started apps indexing service which enable mobile apps to appear in Google search results on Android. That means Google search results on Android will include deep links to relevant apps. When users search for anything using Google search under Android, users can choose to open the search result on relevant app. It’s more like a way to promote and introduce your mobile apps to the world. If you are interested in participating in App indexing, you need to fill up some forms and make sure that your apps support deep linking. There is a checklist which you need to go through before submitting the form.

Although App indexing does not add points to search ranking of your blog or website, it does provide an interesting way for users to access your blog or website. It also let users know the difference or uniqueness of having your mobile apps install. And since Google has lay their eyes on this area, apps developers should make use of this opportunity. It will be wise to get ready and prepare to ride the in an app



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