Advertising 125×125 ads with 125box

125box125box is the second tool I found that meets most of my requirement. It seems that this site is still new and not many blog is using it. There is not much info regarding this site. All I can share here is my experience of test using it. Right after you sign up, an email with password will be send to you. You need to apply to get your 125×125 ads approved before you can place them on your blog. Information regarding you blog including Google page rank and Alexa rank will be needed. You can place your pricing for a month, 3 month, 6 month and 12 month. After you gain the approval, java scrip will be given to place at your blog. For now it seems that you need to apply for each 125×125 ads block separately. Meaning if you want to place 4 125×125 ads on the same blog, then you need to apply 4 times. You can implement the ads for different blog too.

When advertisers click on the 125×125 ads block set by 125box, a window will open up to let advertisers fill in email, upload banner image and target URL. Price for placing the ads can be seen too. 125box will manage all the work, follow up and maintaining the ads. All you need to do is making the approval. That too you can make it auto approve. You can check on the ads status, clicks, views and CTR when you login to your 125box account.

The minimum revenue that we’ll get is 50%. That means if you set your ads as $10 then you’ll get $5. As for now it seems that their charges is 50% of what you earn but I’m sure the price will reduce as more competitors coming in. For many bloggers, it should be worth the time and trouble for managing these ads. I’ve set up an ads using 125box and the price is $10 per month. I’ll test it out and let you all know the results later. That is if I get any advertisers to buy my ads.

P/S: 125box is no longer available.



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12 Responses to “Advertising 125×125 ads with 125box”

  1. esvl says:

    That looks interesting. I am looking forward to the results. That is if I dont try it before the time.

  2. Jason - Blogging4cash says:

    This is indeed interesting. What other services have you found like this?

  3. Kumo says:

    I still have one more post regarding this type of services. I’ll publish out as soon as possible. Stay tune.

  4. lankapo says:

    hi Kumo,

    already joined 125box
    but they said that the box is already full 🙁

  5. Sounds like something I would be interested in. The only thing better would be a bigger cut of the profits.

  6. Kumo says:

    Sorry to hear that lankapo. I think 125box has reach their maximum usage of their server at the time you applied. I’m sure they will increase their capacity in future. But still I think this depends on how much revenue 125box gets. There are a lot of competitors out there and only the best will survive. Beside the services that they provide, the line they draw their cut of charges will determine the outcome. I’ll choose only the best tool for my blog.

  7. Dexter says:

    I would prefer direct afvertising rather than enrolling here. There will be a 100% Commision for me.

  8. lankapo says:

    yup I agree with you Dexter

    but we have to upgrade our ranking to be noticed rite

  9. Kumo says:

    I’m still looking for the best tool for this. At this moment it seems OIOPublisher is still the best.

  10. Martin says:

    This looks interesting, have you had any takers yet? I’m currently looking for a provider for this type of ads, I’ve applied to Project Wonderful, but I’m waiting to be approved at the moment.


  11. lankapo says:

    yup so true there are many new ad provider

    I just joined project beautiful and blaged blog ad

  12. Kumo says:

    Not yet. But I think I’m going for OIOPublisher. As for Project Wonderful, I’ll just set it to attract more traffic.