Advanced Twitter Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

This is a guest post by Mark Griffin.

Do you have a Facebook fan page or a Twitter handle? How about a Foursquare account or YouTube channel? Well, it seems like you have the basics covered in social media marketing. It’s not really that difficult, when you think about it. Common sense and knowledge on marketing with a bit of insight from top marketers and business experts can get your small enterprise brimming with a new found glory, not to mention the sales.

While handling the basics will bring you to another level in marketing, no doubt, it will never be enough. Any business will always want to take it up a notch higher eventually. If you want to play with or against the giants in online business like building a brand, increasing sales tenfold and setting up a massive loyal fan base and following in the online community, you need to know a few advanced tips on Twitter marketing, at the least. This is to give you a head start in that direction.

However, prior to the tips that will be given later, aren’t you curious why you need to focus on Twitter? Whether you knew it or not, here is one simple fact that will appease your qualms at this social networking platform. Twitter is ranked fourth in referral traffic, next to Google, the world’s search engine, some would say. Although, Facebook ranked first at 26.4% referral traffic, the giant social network is a bit over saturated with marketers. It’s a doubt you will survive. Better settle with a balanced platform that can give you a chance at the top. If that is the case, here are three advanced Twitter marketing tips to help you and other small businesses gain traction online.

Avoid Deserting Followers After Scheduling Posts

Many businesses that have discovered time-saving Twitter tools like TweetDeck, HootSuite and Seesmic Desktop have taken to organizing and scheduling hourly tweets, then leaving. Scheduling tweets throughout the day is acceptable and is an efficient manner in handling Twitter marketing. However, it will only become efficient if someone is on standby, monitoring interactions and replying to comments. It would be futile to your marketing efforts to post and ignore likely prospects with questions for you to answer.

Twitter is a real time social network with a short messaging structure that makes it difficult to keep pace. If you missed out on a mention or a direct message at a particular time, don’t expect to receive warm welcome when you found the time to reply. The real essence of these tools is only to manage and organize your tweets. The other half, which is engagement, must be done personally by a real individual, preferably someone who really knows the business. If you really want an engaged Twitter following, make sure you have enough time to follow up on tweets and track discussions about you or your business.

Utilize Every Opportunity to Hash Tag

One of the greatest features of Twitter is the hashtag. Through this feature, which begins with the “#” symbol, you can actually start or join a conversation on a specific topic. Furthermore, you can track whoever is talking about a certain topic you are targeting.

What is the relevance of hashtags with your Twitter marketing program? It is simple. You can use those hashtags to scout for content that will readily engage your followers as well as those that you really haven’t reached just yet. For instance, say your business is all about t-shirts, then you might want to check #clothes, #t-shirts, or #fashion hashtags for starters. From there, you will know what your target market is interested about within that particular conversation.

Don’t Rely on Your Twitter Handle

There are two accepted metrics on Twitter marketing, the number of followers and the mentions. A large following means more audiences while mentions mean people are aware of you and are talking about you. However, the latter metric can be inaccurate. Many twitter users will talk about you and your brand even without mentioning your twitter handle. So make sure that you know all the possible terms that can be associated to your brand. Track them and engage with people using them. But how will you be able to do that? You can try Google Adwords and get every possible keyword you can use to track conversations.

There are a lot of Twitter marketing tips available online. In fact, there are countless of them of which you can gain insight from and help take your social media marketing to different levels. You can start with this post and others that are in this website. It’s not as if Twitter is the only marketing platform you can tap to earn your revenues.



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