Adding more info to your post with Zemanta

zemantaDoing research for the topic of your post is a must for every bloggers. That’s the key to make your post interesting and up to date. For every topic that I wrote, I normally will do a search on Google or other search engine for a better understanding before I post it. Sometimes I even found some related sites that are suitable and informative to share. I might spend couple of hours just for a topic if necessary.

                Zemanta is a tool that supplies the needs of related info. After writing the title and the content of your post, Zemanta will list out related pictures and articles for you to choose and included into your post. You need to download and install it before used. The tool supports free blogging platform like Blogger, WordPress and TypePad. The tool also supports Firefox browsers only. There’s a video that demonstrate how the tool works. Just check out the site and you’ll find it. It’s a fun tool that makes blogging convenient.

                Zemanta is a convenient tool for people that are having fun blogging. If you’re seriously wanted to make your blog better and more professional, it would be best to do it the old fashion way. Your blog will be unique. Zemanta feels just like a fast food restaurant. As more people starts to use it, a lot of blogs will have the same pattern. Nevertheless Zemanta is one good idea that satisfied the needs of blogging.



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2 Responses to “Adding more info to your post with Zemanta”

  1. Hi from Zemanta,

    thanks for a review. We’re working on a number of upcoming features that will allow to tweak the layout of suggestions together with a better personalization. This way it will be more geared towards your personal blogging style instead of a generic solution.

  2. Kumo says:

    Thanks. Looking forward for the changes.