Adding Google News into your website

If you’re looking for free content for your website then you might find this interesting as Google is now offering NewsShow or Google News-based element for webmasters and developers. In other words you are able to customize Google news related to your web or blog title and embed it to your web or blog. There are 2 types of size available and they are 728×90 Learderboard and 300×250 Medium Rectangle. You can customize the search expressions, topics, news edition and user interface language to suit your web or blog. After that all you need to do is copy the code given and paste it where you want the NewsShow to appear. If you need more options on customizing the NewsShow, you can check out the NewsShow documentation for more detail info.

This NewsShow features is available at Blogspot for some time and now bloggers are able to use it for WordPress and other blogging platform. It’s not something special, just that instead of having it at Blogspot only Google decided to share it to the world.



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9 Responses to “Adding Google News into your website”

  1. This is pretty neat. Could be good for content on our sites. You are able to customize what stories show up and whatnot. Let’s see how it works for my site… Regards!

  2. Lisa says:

    Cool. I’ll have to check that out. Would be a good way to add news to my work at home mom sites that might be relevant.

  3. Kumo says:

    This feature is basically for platform other then blogspot, especially wordpress. Blogspot has this news feature for a long time. But I think this feature is a bit different and with a lot more options to choose.

  4. Fashion Jobs says:

    This seems like a great way to generate content for your site. It might not help with your rankings in the search engines but it could help raise the visitor count to your site.

  5. Kumo says:

    It helps a lot if your blog or site is about current issue.

  6. Marble Host says:

    Google can be easily trumped. The news organization itself can publish comments on the story much more quickly than GOOG. And it can preauthorize everyone since it knows who is in the story. Would GOOG then republish those comments?

    GOOG does things by machine not by people. This is an experiment that won’t last long, it has no idea what it is getting into.

  7. Kumo says:

    Well, no harm trying it out. Just use it as long as it seems beneficial. We can take it out any time if we found something better.

  8. art brighton says:

    seems like a good plan. it all depends on how well it filters the news for relevant stuff. i guess if anyone can do it, google can, we shall see…

  9. Kumo says:

    I’m sure Google has everything to make this feature better. Question is will they do it or not. I think it’s all about business. If this feature turns out to be a gold mine, I’m sure we’ll see a update version of it. But…