A Do It Yourself Mobile Ad Maker for Small and Medium Size Enterprises

Now that mobile money making opportunities online starting to bloom, we will see lots of websites, projects, programs, business ideas, services and products related to smartphone and tablets devices emerges. We have seen lots of big companies like Google, Facebook, Linkedin and Opera making their move trying to capture their share of mobile market or hoping to dominate the market. But still there are plenty of rooms for small entrepreneurs to participate in the game. Check out the blog post title “Mobile Advertising: You can DIY” from World News Report. Small and medium sized enterprises can try out Madmaker which allows marketers to mobile enable their marketing campaigns effectively with affordable cost. According to the blog post, some of the main features of Madmaker include:

  • User friendly interface
  • Ready to use modules to engage with your audience
  • QR code generator
  • Easy to use design and layout tools
  • Comprehensive administration, reporting and statistics
  • Lead generation directly to the marketers’ inbox


As far as a small entrepreneurs concern, this is the kind of tool which makes mobile advertising possible even with small amount of budget.

 P/S: Madmaker is set to launcher on 27th Feb 2012. You may sign up for a test.



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