8 Useful Website to help pursuit for money making opportunities online

Once in a while I stumble upon some useful websites that are useful in pursuit for money making opportunities online. Most of these websites are simply trying to make our life easier by making things simple and fast. Usually you won’t think of using these websites until you are facing certain situation or particular problems. Some of you might be able to think of a solution but might require certain skill, time and effort. It will really save you a lot of trouble if you are able to make use of these websites. In fact, most of the services provided by these websites are free. Remember that as long as it is able to solve your problems, it really doesn’t matter how it is done. Below are 8 useful websites I found that can help pursuit for money making opportunities online.

APM Cloud Monitor
This website has various tools that you can check for resolve time, connect time, download time and download size from countries like US, Italy, Poland, China, Switzerland, UK, Germany and Sweden.

Create and send a video email. Or I can just upload my video at YouTube and email the link.

Print Friendly
Make a webpage easy to print. It can be a headache trying to print from website, especially if you are trying to print the content instead of the advertisement.

Readability Score
Check your website or blog readability. I usually wait until readers start to feedback or complain about my blog. Sometimes we just don’t know how poor the readability of our site.

Old Version
Find an older version of software or program. This is kind of useful especially when we are using old PC or older version of Windows.

Should I Remove it
Helps user identify programs to remove or keep. Too many crappy useless programs can take up lots of resources which slow down the performance of our PC.

Install and update programs at once. This simple tool can save a lot of time.

You Convert It
Convert files and online videos. Sometimes we just need to convert that one file one time. Save us a lot of trouble to find the right program to and install it for just that one time purpose.

P/S: Some of the ideas I did think about it before but never actually try them out. I suppose you too might have the same thought as well.



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