4 additional websites that provides FREE Backlinks and Search Engine Optimization Tools

Few days ago I post about Check your Backlink Status Free using Backlink Watch. Later on I did some search online for additional FREE tools on backlinks and search engine optimization. It seems that a lot of blogs and sties are posting lots of FREE tools. Ironically most of them are not free and unable to provide much useful information. I suppose there are no such absolute FREE tools. Another reason that I can think of is probably most of the FREE tools are outdated. If the tools are FREE, raising funds to maintain it might not easy. After going through lots of websites and checking out each and every FREE SEO tools, I happen to find 4 websites which actually provides some real FREE SEO tools. Below are the websites:

FREE SEO Tools by SEO Tool Set

The FREE SEO tools that you can try out includes Search Engine Optimization/KSP Tool, Check Server that looks for issue that may prevent spiders from crawling website and prevent search engines from ranking it well, View Page Source that views the source code of any available file on web, Keyword Density Analyzer that helps research targeted keywords across major search engines, Competitor Research that shows the current ranking of top competitors across all major search engines, Ranked Page Report that shows unique pages which are ranked in the top ten on major search engines and Link Analysis Report that shows websites and blogs that links to you.

Search Engine Optimization Tools form Webmaster Toolkit

The FREE SEO tools that you can try out includes Keyword Research Tool that helps research appropriate words and phrases to include in website, Search Engine Position Checker that automatically query the search engines to check URL which appears on first page with the chosen keywords, Link Popularity Checker that shows how many websites that are linking to you, Keyword Analysis Tool that shows the keywords used and number of time used on a specific pages, Search Engine Spider Simulator which strips the html tags and shows how the page would look to search engine spiders, Meta Tag Generator that generate a meta keywords tag using the words found on a specific page, Web Page Analyzer that check a specific page to see if it’s search engine friendly, Link Appeal that calculates the desirability rating of having a link on the specific URL and many more.

Professional SEO Tools from LinkVendor

The FREE SEO tools that you can try out includes Meta Tag Analyzer that validates meta tags with Google recommendations, PageRank Analysis that checks the page rank for up to 5 different URLs, SEO Challenge that compares two domains after SEO principles, Spiderview that checks activities of WebCrawler and spiders, Visual PageRank that shows the page rank of linked pages in website overlay, Keyword Density that checks keyword density and detect the most frequent keyword, Keyword Position that checks search result position of a domain for several keywords, Domain Popularity that finds all backlinks of a domain including host IP and Google PageRank, Link Popularity and Backlinks that check the number of indexed pages and backlinks, Link Value that validate the price of a test link on a website, Outbound Links that analyses external and internal links with associated anchor texts and many more tools.

Internet Marketing Tools from We Build Pages

The FREE SEO tools that you can try out includes Header Checker Tool that check website header tags, Search Combination Tool that generates all possible combinations of two separate lists of search phrases, Keyword Density Analysis Tool that check keyword density of all the phrases on the page, Spider Viewer that let you see your site as how the spider sees it and many more.

All the FREE tools listed might not work perfectly but I think that’s the best we can get from FREE version. With the help of the FREE SEO tools above, at least we can see how our website or blog stands. It should provide enough information for us to decide our next action on improving our website or blog.



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3 Responses to “4 additional websites that provides FREE Backlinks and Search Engine Optimization Tools”

  1. Cheap SEO says:

    Great selection of free SEO tools. Of course, every free SEO tool I’ve come across is either limited in some way or there’s a catch. If you want the good stuff, ‘ya gotta pay.’

    But if you’re a newbie just starting out or a very small business, free is a good way to start out getting some back links and optimizing your website.

  2. Kumo says:

    True. At least learn a bit about SEO before paying for it when you start to make some money.

  3. Isabelle Gonzales says:

    search engine optimization is a tedious if not lengthy process ;~*