17 FREE tools to Help Freelancers in Pursuit of Online Money Making Opportunities

One of the advantages of pursuing online money making opportunities is low cost. The money or investment required for building business online or starting a freelancing career can be as low as hundred dollars per month. All you need is a computer, an internet line and you’re good to go. As for the required software, tools and other resources, all can be obtain for FREE if you know where to find. I think it’s getting much easier to get almost everything online for FREE nowadays, especially for personal usage. A lot of companies are using the freemium business model to market their online products. This is a big advantage for those who are just started to pursuit money making opportunities online or getting into freelancing job. The simple basic FREE version software or tool is enough to do all the work required. Below are 17 FREE tools which I found very useful for freelancers and those who pursuit money making opportunities online. Check it out.

  1. ProjectStat.us – Manage customers’ project info and allow customers monitor up-to-date project information at any time.
  2. Instacalc – Simple, fast and powerful online calculator.
  3. Slideshare – Upload and sharing slides or presentation online in the form of documents, PowerPoint, PDF, video and webinar.
  4. Creative Commons – Provides a set of copyright licenses and tools for individual creators and companies a simple, standardized way to keep their copyright while allowing certain uses of their work.
  5. Slim Timer – Time tracking your work and create a statistic report about it.
  6. Toodledo – An easy to use online to-do list for organizing tasks. Available on iPhone.
  7. Wridea – Idea management service and collection of brainstorming tools.
  8. Stock.xchng – Leading free stock photography with 400 thousands photos online.
  9. Box – Simple and secure online file sharing, content management and collaboration platform.
  10. YouSendIt – Enable file sharing, sending large file size, managing file transfer and FTP replacement.
  11. Mint – Free personal finance software, budget software, online money management and budget planner. Available on iPhone.
  12. Central Desktop – Collaboration software and online project management for businesses.
  13. Wufoo – Online form builder for creating web forms and surveys.
  14. Wordfast – Translation memory software.
  15. Relenta – Email management software and newsletter marketing tool.
  16. RSS 2 PDF – Free online RSS, Atom, OPML to PDF generator.
  17. Readbag – Tool to store links and read it later. Available in iPhone.



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One Response to “17 FREE tools to Help Freelancers in Pursuit of Online Money Making Opportunities”

  1. James says:

    Nice List,

    I think you left off the best file sharing website though…

    Teveren – http://www.teveren.com/

    After freelancing many years, it’s the only file sharing service I’d consider using.