17 Free Forum Script Available for Money Making Opportunities

Previously I post about free classified ads script on a post title Free Classified Ads Script and PayPal Assistant Script from World Wide Creations. It seems a lot of people are looking for free scripts on various occasions like classified ads, social community network and forum. I did a search on several free forum scripts that are available online and I like to share it. Below are 17 free forum scripts that I gather.

  1. phpBB
  2. Simple Machines Forum
  3. PunBB
  4. MyBB
  5. FluxBB
  6. Vanilla Forums
  7. bbPress
  8. Unclassified NewsBoard Forum
  9. SEO Board Forum
  10. Phorum
  11. phpFK
  12. miniBB
  13. freeForum
  14. Chipmunk Forum
  15. WWWThreads
  16. DeluxeBB
  17. W-Agora

There are still lots of free forum software available but I think the above 17 scripts are the best that I can gather. Honestly I think forum is hard to maintain and built. If you’re trying to create a forum site for money making opportunities, better take the time to do more research. In my opinion you need to focus on a particular topic specifically to build a good quality forum. Once you set the goal, next you have to keep the forum up at least a year before you can see any results. Of cause free sign up is a must and you must get help to maintain your forum. That means you need to get at least couple of moderators who are profession in the topic of the forum. A forum that visitors get their questions answered will receive lots of members. At least that’s the first thing that you need to do to built up your forum.

P/S: You need to figure out what your forum can provide which is needed by visitors. Find out the needs and fill it and your forum will grow. After that is just maintenance and keep it clean from spam.



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4 Responses to “17 Free Forum Script Available for Money Making Opportunities”

  1. Robert says:

    Those are good forum scripts. I have work with phpBB, SMF and Agora. Most are really similar and mature scripts. As well most are very search engine friendly and are easy to optimize. Forums usually need a longer time to achieve higher SERP and reliable members database.

  2. Refrigerators says:

    Nice blog. This is one of a kind. Your blog has the technicality and the content. Please continues writing. Have a good day! =)

  3. SMF, Mybb, and punbb forums are easy to use. those are user friendly. but may i add more like expressionengine and vbulletin are easy to use too but somehow difficult to understand if you don’t have any idea how to use it.

  4. Those forums are all cool especially smf and mybb. it was easy to register or access. you can meet more friends become many people can access the forums. Thanks for the blog and have a nice day.