12 useful WordPress Plugin for Twitter

Twitter has become one of the most important tools for promoting and increasing traffic to blogs. If you do a simple search on WordPress plugin twitter, you’ll find tons of tools created to link twitter to blog. Here’s some of the WordPress plugin for twitter that I think good and useful for our blogs.

  1. Tweet This
  2. Tweetbacks
  3. Twitter tools
  4. Twitter Dash
  5. TweetMeME
  6. Comen Twitter
  7. Twitter updater
  8. Twitter Retweet
  9. Tweeter Rooster
  10. Twitter Widget Pro
  11. Twitter for WordPress
  12. Top Twitter Links by Twitturls

Honestly, there are a lot more useful WordPress plugin that connects twitter to blog. The thing that we have to figure out is what we really need. The 12 twitter WordPress plugin that I found above considered to be the most useful. When we make our choice of plugin for our blog, we need to consider some of the basic features.

  • Creates blog post from tweets
  • Creates tweets when new post on blog
  • Display own or other tweets on sidebar
  • Enable tweet or Retweet on post
  • Send comment to twitter

There is no point to include every twitter plugin to your blog as it just makes your blog complicated and slow. Just includes those that you think necessary and useful. Remember to check the effects of the plugin. Some plugin might not be suitable for your blog.



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  1. cumpryt says:

    apparently a lot of twitter plugin for wordpress. I just put one, but did not know its usefulness. thanks for the information