10 Free online tools and apps to convert text into Speeches

I’m sure most of you are familiar with Google translate. If you own a smartphone, Google translate app is one of the must to install in your phone. The translation service provided can be very handy if you are traveling around the world. Especially the feature that able to convert text into speech helps communicate with people easily in different languages. This got me wonder and thinks about other free online tools which have the same feature of converting text into speech. I did some research and digging online and found 10 which are interesting to check out. You can make use of these free tools to convert blog posts and articles into audios which you can just listen instead of reading. It helps a lot especially if you have a lot of readings to do every day.

1. Vozme.com
2. Yakitome.com
3. Readthewords.com
4. Text2speech.org
5. Odiogo.com
6. Ispeech.org
7. Imtranslator.net
8. Zamzar.com
9. Ivona.com
10. Naturalreaders.com

P/S: I’m much more interested in apps as I can easily convert text into speech for easily listening. Reading from small screen of smartphone can be tiring.



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