YouTube has become one of the Best ways to make money online

Do a search on “best way to make money online” using Google and you will discover that the top 4 search results are YouTube video clips. I suppose this basically justified YouTube as one of the best ways to make money online. Well, it definitely has something to do with Google own YouTube. We just have to make use of the situation for our benefits.  As long as the URL is able to make it to the top of search result, it will definitely bring in lots of traffic and money making opportunities. For this example, the YouTube video clips will receive lots of views and the owner of the video clips should be making money from Google Adsense. And we have yet to include other money making opportunities online the video clips are promoting. Check out the video clips and take a look at couple of interesting facts. The video clip is created couple of months ago and it has about 20k of views. So the question is can we produce similar video clip and make it to the top of Google search result? Judging from the example given above, I’ll say it is possible. And if you are seriously trying to make money via YouTube, first you need to learn how to produce attractive or interesting video clips. It does not have to be high quality, but it needs to be able to capture others’ attention. After that you just have to learn how to promote the video or introduce it to the world. The most common ways to do it is by making use of social network such as Facebook or Twitter. Get your friends online to help promote it. Another way to promote your video clip is try to get to the first page of Google search results. Do a search on “How to get to the first page for youtube” and you’ll find lots of guide and tips about it.

A lot of answers, solutions, guide and tips are available free online. We just have to know how to find it and make full use of it. I do not know everything nor have the intelligent to solve every problem. But I do know how and where to look for answers.



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