Your Job title maybe holding you back

This is probably one of the things which most people can only understand when switching from employee to employer or business owner. When we are initially given a work task or job description, we usually focus on our job scope which we are responsible and will not pay too much attention on other work. This is actually a good practice for a loyal employee. “Do what you are told” This is probably the most common words we often heard when we take on a job. We will also be getting a job title to fit our job description. Titles like Supervisor, Manager, Senior, Consultant, Specialist, Executive and many other extra ordinary words people can think of are being use to make it sound like a special unique job. This simple trick actually works if you are trying to get people to hold more job responsibility without paying much salary. Some people really are proud of the job title given and willing to accept without getting any salary increment.

When we are bound by the job title, we tend to think about our job responsibility first before attending to the problem or work. “Is this my responsibility to solve this problem?” If it is out of our job responsibility, we just leave it or wait for those who are in charge to deal with it. If you have been working in a big company, this is actually a very common thing. You just need to take good care of the cubicle which your boss assigned and mind your own business. Try to stay out of trouble or anything else which are not concerning you. This is typically a normal employee who will do in a big company.

You may think this is probably the best way to survive. Unfortunately it is the opposite. Even if you are holding a first class honors degree, the paper is only good at the entering level. Once you have been working in the company for more than 5 years, you will need more than just the degree paper to keep your job. So what do you do in order to survive? First you have to ditch your job title. Well, I’m not asking you to throw away your job title actually. Instead of setting boundaries for the scope of your job, you should instead widen your job scope to make sure that business is running smooth. In other words, try to look at a bigger picture when you are working. You might be very good in the work under your job description, but it will not matter if the company is losing money. You will have to sacrifice some of your time and effort to help or do other unrelated job scope if that is what it needs to bring the company up. Only when company has successfully make money, your salary will be paid and you get to keep your job. So next time when you are required to send an important document to another department, don’t refuse it even if you are a senior engineer.

When you do whatever it takes to help company grow and success, you will break free from the job title. This is an advantage because you probably know how the whole company works now that you have been dealing with various problems from multiple area of your company. You also have shown and prove your ability to learn and work on different areas which are unrelated to your job scope. So when company is trying to look for a candidate for a new manager post or new department head, don’t you think you have a better chance for the job?



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