Your Blog Will Make Money If Google is Able to Make use of Your Blog

The above statement holds the basic fundamental of trying to make money online. Before you start thinking about how to make money online via blogging, you have to create a blog that Google might consider useful to them. So what kind of blog that Google might be interested? Google runs the biggest online advertisement in the world. In order to make money, Google has to fulfill the needs of advertisers. In other words, Google has to connect the right suitable customers to advertisers. The right suitable customers basically refer to customers that have a high potential of purchasing advertisers’ products or services. When advertisers are making money, Google makes money too. If your blog is able to attract such potential customers, Google will definitely be interested in helping you make money.

If your blog is able to attract lots of viewers, it will certainly get the attention of Google. Even if only 1% of your viewers are interested in the advertisement shown, it is consider good enough if your blog has thousands of viewers daily. This is why one of the conditions to be able to make money online is having lots of traffic. Lots of traffic is good, it is even better if the traffic is from a group of people that have the same goal or purpose. A blog that has lot of traffic that focuses on people who are interested in a particular topic is what Google needs. This is the kind of blog that Google needs to help connects lot of customers to advertisers. If you are able to create such a blog, you will eventually make money. So if you are seriously trying to make money online, the first step is to create a blog that attracts lots of viewers. And you need to do it by creating good quality content, provide values and connects with your readers. Try not to depend so much on Google search engine to generate your traffic. Remember that you are trying to let Google make use of your blog. If you play around Google search algorithm to generate traffic, your blog value will drop. Plus any changes within Google search algorithm will affect the traffic generated. And Google is definitely not interested in this kind of blog.

P/S: If you are able to create a blog successfully with lots of traffic without relying on Google search engine, you win the game.



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