Your blog traffic will improve if you address to your readers

If you are trying to pursuit for money making opportunities online via blogging, blog traffic is one of the most important things you need to focus on. You can only make money when you have enough blog traffic. This is why a lot of bloggers tend to use whatever method they can think of just to increase blog traffic. If you are planning to increase blog traffic other than writing good quality blog content, be careful because Google might not happy with the method you generating traffic. Especially if Google search engine contributes most of your blog traffic, you will have to play by their rules to keep on getting traffic from them. Google has specific rules which bloggers need to follow in order to obtain good amount of traffic from their search engine. Although it might not be easy keeping up with their search engine algorithm and rules, traffic obtain from Google search engine usually generates good income. Most bloggers will try their best not to leave out by Google search engine, but it is not as simple as it seem. If you are unable to get any traffic from Google search engine and can’t write good quality content, you need to find alternative ways to generate traffic. This is why some bloggers tend to switch over to online social media website such as Facebook and Twitter.

Although online social media website such as Facebook and Twitter can help to generate traffic, you still need to put some effort and time working on it. Specifically, you need to pay attention to your readers and address them. You can choose to help your readers in any way you can or answer their questions truthfully. The interaction with readers will encourage them to revisit your blog again. Although your blog might be focus on a specific topic, it is alright to talk about other topics once in a while if required. Just treat your blog as a platform to have conversation with your readers. Your blog also serve as a base for readers to get in touch with you. Instead of focusing on creating good quality content, perhaps you can try to focus on creating topics which you can have good interesting conversations with your readers.



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