Your blog or site might become interesting if you are not planning to make money online

Blogging can be fun and interesting if you are not planning to make any money out from it. You will be free from the rules which created by Google which determine the amount of traffic send by their search engine. Is this really matters? Honestly, if you are blogging for the sake of having fun, you won’t be worry much about the number of visitors that you are getting. Thus your action and decision will not be affected by the people who are checking out your blog or site. You can basically do and try out anything on your blog or site. This is actually good because new ideas and creative style can be produce.

Just go ahead and check out those blog or sites that are created to make money online or generate Google AdSense revenue. You will see that most of them are written and created in similar pattern. These blog or sites will first have to obey the rules and regulation set by Google. It is dangerous to try out new things and methods because search ranking will be affected if violated the rules and regulation of Google. That means a sharp reduce of earning online. It will take months to repair the damage if you know which step or area that violates the rules and regulation of Google. When you are blogging daily worrying about the search ranking of your blog or site, you might not be able to enjoy blogging. Especially when your site or blog is not performing well, it can be depressing worrying about things to be done in order to increase earning.

So if you are losing interest in blogging, perhaps it is time to remove Google from your blog or site. Release yourself from the restriction of Google and try to blog freely as you can. Remember that there are many ways that you can make money online without relying on Google. Do not lost interest in blogging. Once you stop blogging, you might not continue to create wonderful things that you love so much before.



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