Young Entrepreneurs Who Successfully Catch One Million Money Making Opportunities

We often read news about successful entrepreneurs who makes a lot of money while they were young. Such news is always good to read because it gives motivation and inspiration. Check out the blog post title “How to Make $1 Million Before You Graduate” from Yahoo Finance as it introduces 7 young entrepreneurs who make one million dollars by the age of 22.

Below are some of the things I like to share as I read through the blog post. 4 out of 7 young entrepreneurs achieve their success with businesses related to online money making opportunities. Some of their businesses are actually very simple as it is just providing simple solution to problems which people face daily. Some of their money making opportunities are actually hobbies. They might start out the business with their own ideas and creation but they certainly have lots of help from people around them. They definitely did not build their empire solely just by themselves. I’m sure these young entrepreneurs have mountain of problems and difficulties to get through before they earned the first one million dollars. We just don’t have the chance to listen the whole truth as most of the time it’s just good news they share. Although we know there are only a small percentage of entrepreneurs who are able to achieve such success, but still it tell us that there is a possibility. I don’t have to be as successful as these entrepreneurs. I just need to make enough money for my living. Well, at least that’s a start and my initial goal. Once I’ve reach my goal, then only I’ll set a higher goal. We just have to do it one step at a time. I actually don’t mind earning my one million dollars online even if it’s going to take me 10 or 20 years. I simply am enjoying the process.

P/S: It is true that reality is very much different than what we expected. In order to move on and pursuit our dreams and goal, we need to stay positive and believe in something.



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  1. Hi Kumo,It’s been awhile since visiting your blog, and I must apologize for that. As I have always enjoyed your posts. This particular post about the entrepreneurs was a excellent one. I think young entrepreneurs that I have read about always seem to have either a struggle when starting out in their life, suffering from dyslexia at a young age. There are also those that as you mention started out with either a hobby or something they were passionate about.I’m also thinking that I, like you don’t really care when my business takes off or when I get my first million I will probably have to wait but I do believe it will come my way. Great posts. Success to both of us. jj