You will work harder when you have a need of money

Desire is actually a good motivation if you are able to manage or control it. When you have a need of something, you will find ways to get it. If you have a need of money, you will try to make money using any method you know. Most of us will tend to work harder in our job hoping that we can get a raise of salary. Some of us will even work overtime just to squeeze couple of hundred bucks every month. But if you are seriously hoping to generate some good extra money every month, it is better to work on your side income rather than working overtime on your job.

Switch your focus to the money making opportunities which have greater earning potential. Although you might not be making any money at the beginning, it has the potential to generate a lot more money later if you work on it correctly and consistently. But first you need to build up motivation to keep on doing the required work for a period of time. Perhaps you can try to put up some photos or pictures of the things you want to purchase but do not have the money to do so currently. This way it might help to create and boost motivation to keep on working. You may even try to calculate the amount of money earns and the time required getting the stuff you want. Make it your goal and keep track of your earnings. This way you can monitor your progress and make sure that you stay on your course.



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