You will have to do a lot of writing if you plan to pursuit for money making opportunities online

If you are not good in writing and trying to look for other money making opportunities online that do not require much writing, you might be placing yourself in front of a giant obstacle. It is not just blogging but everything that you do online requires a certain level of writing. Even when you are trying to make money by producing podcast or video clips, you still have to be able to write brief description about the podcast or video clips that you are trying to sell. And if you are planning to make use of your own voice to produce podcast or video clips, you definitely have to be good in speaking. And if you are not good in writing, chances are you won’t be doing any better in speaking too. Although you just have to make sure that people understands what you are trying to say, poor public speaking ability will just push listeners away.

If you are a photographer, programmer, software designer, mobile apps designer, graphic designer or any other profession trying to make money online, writing is one of the major activity to communicate with customers. Emailing, commenting, explaining, tutoring and chatting require lots of writing. If you are unable to write properly, it will definitely affect your online business and earning potential online. Regardless of how talented or skillful you are in providing services, you cannot make money online if you are unable to communicate properly.

Thus regardless of any money making opportunities online that you are pursuing, it is necessary to improve your writing skill as much as possible. Besides, you can even make use of your writing skill to make money online if you are able to improve your writing skill until professional level. Some of the writing money making opportunities online like selling and producing articles or eBooks can be done if you reached the minimum requirement level. But before we go that far, let’s discuss some of the ways that you can do to improve your writing skill.

Although it might seems like the best way to improve your English writing skill is to take up English courses or attend writing classes, you might have to spend some money and make time by doing so. Well, not everybody have the extra money or time for it. Thus one of the best ways to improve your writing skill without having to spend much money or time is by blogging. In fact blogging can also help in pursuit for money making opportunities online by letting customers or viewers get to know you better. Well, let’s just say customers or viewers that used to read your blog will be able to communicate better with you. When people read your blog, they learn your writing method to convey messages. I’m sure sometimes when you read an English article written by foreigner of different culture, you don’t get what it means even though you are able to read the article out loud. Blog usually is one way of letting others understand you better.

The suggestion of using blogging as the way to improve your writing skill is purely base on the concept of practice makes perfect. Your writing skill will definitely improve if you write at least a blog post every day. Once you keep up the practice for a year, you will definitely see the improvement. You can see the result by reading back the blog post written one year ago. I’m sure you will see the difference and notice how poor your writing skill is when compare with the blog post you created now.



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