You will find money making opportunities when you connect with people

Either it is online or offline, you will discover money making opportunities when you connect with people. The larger the amount of people that you connect, the greater the opportunities you will discover. The concept is basically the same as having lots of friends or members in social network. If you are able to connect with lots of people around the world using Facebook, Google Hangout or Twitter, you can make some money online by doing some social marketing. This is a simple money making opportunities online which many people are practicing. You may find some examples at Fiverr where people are offering their services by promoting products, services or links to thousands of their social network users. The money making opportunities online is based on the ability to reach out to millions of people in a short period of time. It is actually the same as advertising on TV or radio. It is also the same if your blog is view by thousands of people daily around the world. One simple blog post can promote products, services or website link to people around the world easily.

If you think about it carefully, it is the same if you are able to connect with lots of people offline. Doing a public speaking in front of thousands of people works well too. Some of the famous speakers which successfully sell lots of their own products are Robert Kiyosaki and Anthony Robbins. Well, you don’t have to face so many people at once just like these guys. You too can promote and sell products by just having a cup of tea with some of your friends. Although it might just be a small group of less than 10 persons, the effort and time invested for results are the same. One successfully sale is the same as hundreds of sales. That is because it proves your method works. The next step is to just to improve your method to make it better. It is just a matter of time when you‘ll able to hit hundreds or thousands sales. If you are able to produce sales offline, it shouldn’t be difficult to do it online. Remember that it is all about connecting to people. Once you have successfully gain trust, you can sell almost any products or services. I suppose this is what we call a good reputation.



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