You still need a blog to make money online

Regardless of how many followers you have in Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you still need your own blog to make money online. You need to get your own domain and hosting your own blog in order to make money online successfully. Although you are still able to make money directly using your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, there is a big risk. Your account can be terminated if you violated their terms and condition. If you are hosting your own blog, the risk is minimal because you own the blog. Things happen usually when you are starting to make money online. Especially when your earning is growing, a lot of unexpected issues and problems will follow. There is nothing much you can do if Facebook, Twitter or Instagram decided to terminate your account without reason. They can basically change their terms and condition one day and decided to prohibit users from making money online using their platform. Remember that they are the owner and you are basically using their platform for free. Thus it is better to prepare and organize alternative ways to make money online. Myspace used to be a popular online social media but later was over take by Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. There is a lot of new online social media website launching every now and then. So there is no guarantee that Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can continue to survive forever. Thus it is better to have your own base online and a blog might just do the trick.



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