You should check and link back your old previous blog posts

Some of the topics and content which you blog before can be very useful not matter how long or old it is. Instead of writing new blog posts with the same topics and content again, it is better to just link back to your old previous blog posts with some additional new content. You can write the blog post with short couple of hundreds of words paragraph to cover the new additional content and link it back to your previous blog posts. Of cause you should try to edit and improve the old previous blog posts to make it better. The internal links can help improve Google search ranking for your blog or site. It also helps to improve the quality of your blog by saying that I have already blog about this interesting topics or content long time ago. You can also further explain and compare the topics or content before and right now. This also proves that some of the basic concept will never change. The only difference is the way we presented the topics and content. Sometimes we even discover how much we have improved over the period of time in terms of the way we interpret the same topics and content. I suppose this is one of the interesting and fun parts about blogging.



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