You need to have at least one way to generate new customers

It is hard starting a new business. It is even harder trying to maintain the business you have started. If you are able to run your business for 2 years and still making a profit, it is consider a success. But that does not mean you can relax and pay less attention to your business. You still have to keep up your momentum and get things going if you are hoping to run your business for a long period of time. Regardless of how big your business has become, there is still a risk of coming down if you do not monitor closely. A business has to continue evolve and keep up with the changes surrounding in order to stay alive. There are a lot of competitors waiting to take your position any time.

One of the ways to keep your business running is to constantly look for new customers. Loyal customers won’t be around always because there are just too many options available nowadays. This is why you have to constantly add new customers to your list and hopefully some of them will convert to loyal customers. This means you need to introduce your company or business to as many people as possible. I think we call this exposure. They might not become customers instantly, but at least they know what you are selling. Some of them will become your customer when they have a need of your product or service. You just have to make sure that they know your existence, what you are selling and how to find your business.

The question is how you make people know or realize your existence. One of the simplest ways is sponsorship. When it comes to sponsorship, sports usually is the common field to focus on. But if you really hope to generate new customers, you have to pick something which at least has some connection with the product or service that you are selling. Remember that sponsorship can be in various method and variety. You just need to find somebody who is willing to bear your brand. One of the fields which you can try is online video streaming. You can sponsor a YouTuber or live streaming gamers to carry and show your brand or company logo. They can try to introduce your product or service online while making videos or performing live streaming online. Of cause you will have to consider the fact that the nature and characteristic of the customer base is a bit different compare to viewers from television.

As long as your business is up and running, you can never stop looking for new customers. The number of customers available determines the faith of your business. Your business will end if you do not have any customers.



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