You just need one good product to make money online

You can be providing a lot of services and selling lots of products. But in order to really make money online, you need at least one good product or service. Regardless of if you are trying to run an offline traditional business or an online business, you need one good product or service to stand out from the competition and bring your business to the top. Thus if you are just starting to pursuit for money making opportunities online, you have to identify and focus on building one product or service which you think has the potential to become the best-selling product or service.

If you try to sell too many products at once or do too many things at the same time, it will become like opening a grocery shop. This is actually not a good way to make money online because you will be spending a lot of time and energy but generating very little income. This is because you have a lot of competitors who are doing exactly the same as you. Eventually it is not necessary to buy the product or service from you. If you are hoping to make money online for a long period of time, you have to build your brand and create uniqueness. You have to become the company which customers choose regardless of the price. In other words, customers choose you because of your brand but not the price.

Once you have successfully created a best-selling product or service, you may start to include other general product or service which your competitors are also selling. Your best-selling product or service will be leading the sales and stimulate the selling of other products or services.  You will have to take good care of your best-selling product or service in order to continue make money online successfully. Although this is a simple trick to generate sales, the difficult part is creating and maintaining one unique best-selling product or service.



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