You earn more than just money being an entrepreneur

If you are hoping to make a lot of money without doing much work, perhaps entrepreneur is not the way for you. Getting a full time job and try to invest your money into various areas might be suitable for you. Owning a business or becoming an entrepreneur instantly put you to work 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. In other words you are actually doing more work compare to a full time job. A lot of people have a misconception that owning a business or becoming a boss eventually gives more time for other activities. Well, that is not the case especially if you are at the beginning stage of starting your own business. You won’t even have time to eat or sleep most of the time in the early stage of building your new business. Only when your business starts making money and getting stable income, then you might have more time for yourself. The only way which you are able to have more time is automate your business. This is a difficult part which requires a lot more work. So before you get to this stage, you won’t be getting the “Time” you dream of.

So what do we get other than money as an entrepreneur? Personally, freedom and self-satisfactory is couple of things which I think most entrepreneurs enjoy most. Freedom in this case is having able to do the things that you like while making money. You have full control of your business and able to apply any changes or ideas as you see fits. Compare to an employee, you need to follow instructions from top level management and take care of the area which you are assigned. A same routine work can be very boring sometime. This is the part which makes it interesting of becoming an entrepreneur. You can always try something new whenever you felt bored. Next comes self-satisfactory. As an entrepreneur, anything you did or accomplish is yours. Regardless of success or failure, you gain self-satisfactory because of the work and time spends in trying to achieve something.

Is entrepreneur suitable for you? I suppose you need to try it out and figure it out yourself.



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