You do not really retired early even if you are able to make a lot of money

When people say that they are going to retired early after successfully make a lot of money, they don’t really mean it. Strictly speaking, they just have the opportunity to do the work they like without having money problems. They will still be working, but it will be something else. But not every job or work that makes a lot of money allows you to retired early easily. When you are able to make a lot of money that means the work you do has the ability to generate a lot of jobs and work indirectly. If you decided to retired, it might affect a lot of people. Your work is just too important when you are able to make a lot of money.

Sometimes making too much money can affect your freedom too. So be grateful if you are making average amount of money. It should be good enough as long as the money that we make is able to sustain the lifestyle that we are trying to have. Being a blogger probably enable us to do that. The question is how long it takes for a blogger to achieve enough earning. No doubt the lifestyle of being a blogger is great. You really have the time for family and taking care of your health. By the way, one of the things you don’t want when making a lot of money is having to sacrifice your health over it. You do not want to spend all your hard earning money for medical bills at the end of the day.



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