You do not need to be good in writing to blog

Although we don’t have to be good in writing to blog, it does help a lot if our writing ability is good. The least we can make sure that we are able to use the right suitable words to express our feelings and thoughts. The worst case most of us are trying to avoid is creating misunderstanding and confusion. I suppose our language ability have to be good enough to make sure that the things we blog can be easily understand by others. Although you can still upload blog posts which are full of grammar mistakes and sentence structure errors, your blog will not be getting good search ranking from Google. You will not be attracting any readers because people are unable to read and understand your blog posts. But if your writing is actually bad and you are trying to learn and improve, blogging can be a good way to practice and improve. Before we can improve our writing, we have to understand and realize how bad actually our writing is. The respond from readers and the status of our blog in search ranking can pretty much tells us how bad our writing is. It can be hard and difficult at the beginning trying to produce at least one blog post per day. Especially when you are bad in writing, you need to do a lot of checking and referring to make sure that your content and writing is correct. Although it might not be good but at least you try your best. Keep on blogging for 3 months and you will surely see the improvement. When you have successfully create your 90th blog post, try to read back your 1st blog post and compare with the latest blog post. You will definitely see the difference and realize the improvement which you have done. This is one of the interesting and fun parts of blogging.



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