You do not need to be good in English language to start blogging

Blogging is not like going for an English class which requires you to take care of your spelling and grammar. It is more like writing a diary right before you go to bed every night. It does not have to be perfect, no particular rules or method requires and it does not have to make sense. Blogging basically is an activity which allows you to write or voice out your opinion freely. Although it is a privilege if your English language is good, it is not a must to start blogging. Especially if you are trying to pursuit for money making opportunities online via blogging, your priority is to make money and not trying to produce good essay.

So what is the minimum language performance required? Honestly I think if you are able to understand what I’m writing, it is good enough to start blogging. At least have a basic understanding on how to operate the blogging platform such as BlogSpot or WordPress. Sometimes you will have to be able to communicate with others via comments, emails or live chat. As long as readers are able to understand what you are writing, certain grammar and spelling mistakes can be forgiven. The most important part is focus on writing interesting content which able to attract readers. The goal is to write compelling content which makes readers revisit your blog again and again.

Spelling and grammar errors can be forgiven by readers but not search engine. When it comes to Google search engine, spelling mistakes and grammar error can downgrade your blog. That means if you are hoping to get a better search ranking within Google search engine, you will have to do a better job in minimizing spelling and grammar errors. It shouldn’t be too difficult nowadays as there are so many tools available to correct your spelling and grammar. The safest way is write your blog post using Microsoft Word before transferring your content to blogging platform.

Don’t worry too much about your English language. Just start blogging and keep on writing. Eventually your language skill will increases after years of practice. Check back your first blog post after a year and you’ll discover huge improvement. The fun part is that you don’t even realize how good your English language has become.



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