You do not need a perfect product to start making money online

You don’t need a perfect product to start making money online. You just need a simple product to get starting. You may have an idea of a product but it doesn’t have to be perfect to sell it. As long as people are willing to buy it, you can start selling it. Of cause you will have to explain the pro and con of your product before customers pay for it. Once you are able to gather some income from your product, you may start to improve or upgrade your product. You can actually follow the business strategy like Microsoft windows products which is selling the upgrade version of the same product again and again. You can repack the product so that it looks totally brand new. Your product might not be perfect at the beginning but it will be getting better over the years as you are constantly improving and upgrading it. If your product is really good, others will try to create similar product base on your concept with additional ideas along. We call this competitor and it is a normal phenomenon when your product sells. In order to survive and keeps on making money online, the improvement or upgrade version of your product has to be better than your competitors. You may do so by studying your competitors just like how the competitors researching your product. Winner will be the one who plays the game well.



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