You discover money making opportunities when you understand your customers and their demands

Besides blogging, I like to check out shopping complex around the city. I’m not the kind of person who likes to buy things but I do likes window shopping. Especially when I’m getting bored or tired of blogging, taking a walk is good. The main reasons that I choose to walk around shopping complex is because I wanted to take a look at what people are buying. If you are running business selling things to locals, I suggest you do so too. It is a great way to learn about your customers and identify the best way to sell your products.

The first thing that you’ll notice when you walk around shopping is the type of customers around you. As shopping complex can be consider the most popular place most customers visit, you may assume your potential customers are among these people. Once you understand that these are the people that you are trying to make money from, next is to check out their behavior, interest and what’s making them spend money. You can do this by simply checking out the most crowded area in the shopping complex. Take a look at what customers are buying. And you will discover that products that sell like hot cakes are usually promoted by several similar shops. One of the best examples is smartphone. Some shops will even try to squeeze out a small corner just to sell smartphone. It just seems like that small corner is good to make some profits.

While walking around the shops, don’t just check out popular crowded shops only. Shops that rarely have any customers too are worth take a look too. 2 questions you can think about when checking out these shops. Why aren’t there any customers? How do they survive? Two similar shops are selling the same products but one is crowded with customers and the other shop has no customers. There is surely a reason behind it. If you can figure it out, perhaps you might be able to apply it into your business. Some shops rarely have customers but they seem to be able to continue doing business. Why? Perhaps these shops have alternative source of income which we might not know. It should be interesting to find out.

At the center stage of shopping complex, there will always be some kind of event. Did you ever track down the type of events shopping complex organize mostly? The events usually related closely to customers’ interest. Things like wedding, property, smartphone, health products, cosmetic and automobile are some of the products that often occupied the floor. Just pick a weekend and check out the shopping complex close by. Take a closer look at customers’ reaction and the products presented on the floor. I’m sure it is easy to differentiate which products capture customers’ attention. And you should be able to figure out which products sell most and ways to sell it.

If you are able to see things from the angle that I’ve explain above, try to think about this question when you visit the shopping complex next time. What do these customers need and what are their demands?



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