You definitely do not need a college degree to make money

Why do we need a college degree? Nobody actually tell me the reason. By the time I started questioning why, I already graduated and start working. A lot of people did tell me that we need a degree but nobody actually knows the reason why. Just that most of us are competing each other to go to college, so it is consider normal to get a degree before we start working or making money.

So the big question is can we actually make money without going through college. The answer is yes, but not very convincing. If you have kids, you won’t take the risk for letting your kids skip college. I suppose the risk is a bit too high for not going through college. There are examples of those who never go through college or did not finish study college. They too are able to make a lot of money and successful too. Even some of the top richest man in the world did not graduate from college too. But why do parents still insist that their kids must at least graduate from college? Let’s look at things from a different angle. Are those who graduated from college will definitely make money successfully? Well, not all of them. Some of them can’t even work or find a job after graduated. So what do we actually need in order to work or make money?

I believe the word is “learn”. It actually does not matter if you have a college degree or not. It also does not matter if you go to school or not. If you are able to learn everything around you and continue to learn without stopping regardless of anything happens, you can make money and become successful. It is the ability to learn and adept which makes everything possible. School and college is just a place that makes it easier to learn only.

Now that internet makes it easier for us to access information and knowledge, we can learn almost anything just by a click of a button. If you have the determination, time and desire, it is possible to achieve your goal with the help of internet access. This includes pursuing for money making opportunities online.



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