You can target different group of audiences when you blog

If you are pursuing for money making opportunities online via blogging, your blog traffic determines how much money you are able to earn. In order to increase the amount of traffic gain, you have to target a large group of audience. The best scenario that every bloggers are hoping is that people around the world are able to read and check out their blog. Unfortunately even though technology has enabled our blog to reach almost every corner of the world, not everybody is interested or able to read our blog.

The first problem which every blogger faces is language barrier. If your blog is in English language, your blog probably has the largest audience in the world. But there is still a large group of people in the world do not understand English. Although Google Translate might help to translate your blog into other language accordingly, it still requires a lot of work and improvement before we can actually accept the translation result. Thus the best way is blog in that particular language directly if you are hoping to target people who are familiar in that language. Of cause you have to know that language too.

Depending on the group of audience you are trying to target, the way you blog can actually make a difference if you choose the keywords carefully. Instead of using general keywords like you and they, you can specifically mention “people around US, Canada or Japan” You can even mention the age, gender or occupation in order to narrow down the group of audience you are trying to target.



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