You can start making money by providing dog walking and washing services

One day a friend of mine in Singapore call me up and ask if I have any idea or suggestion for making money online. Without any hesitation I suggested her to check out my blog as most of the information required is there. I also give her some advices on how she could get started. She sounds a bit disappointed but still thanks me for the information. After the conversation I still have the feeling that she might not start anything at all even though she has all the information required to start making money online. And I was right about it. She created a blog but stop posting anything at all after couple of months. It just seems like she does not have the interest and patient to carry on.

I wanted to help her up at the beginning but it seems like it started off on the wrong foot. Then I remember that she loves dog. I send her an email and saying “Why don’t you start off by providing dog walking service around your neighborhood.” Eventually this turn out to be a great idea as she starting to make some money by walking her neighbors’ dog. Although the money earned is not much but it’s a good start. As time goes by she started to provide additional services like bathing dogs, nail cutting and even daycare. At this point I told her to go back to blogging and post her experience, opinions and thoughts about the dog services she provided. Although she is not a fan of blogging, she still loves it when it comes to discussing about topics related to dogs.

As her blog starting to gather readers who love dogs, she starting to receive lots of question about how to take care of dogs. She is also getting more business from people around the area who read her blog. Judging by the situation at this point, I suppose her little money making idea or business will continue to grow. Depending on how she likes to do it, she can either focus her business online or offline. Or she can grow her business both online and offline. Either way I think she’s going to do just fine as she loves what she’s doing.

It all started by walking a dog that she loves. When a person is doing things he or she loves, he or she can reach very far without knowing the distance travel. Once I’ve pointed the right direction for my friend, she starts to grow and learn without me giving much guidance or advice. All I did was asking her to check out my blog and suggested her to start blogging. And I also ask her to provide dog walking service. Once her blog gain sufficient readers, I told her to sign up Google AdSense, Amazon and CJ. Of cause there are some problems and difficulties that she needs to deal with, but all that does not matter because she is doing what she loves most. And nothing is able to stop her or hold her back.

It all might sounds too easy to be true, but all you need to do is find one thing that you love most and work on it.



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