You can make money by learning how Millennials spend their money

Check out the infographic on how millennials spend their money to make statements. Base on the infographic, there is some money making opportunities which you can think of. The first idea that comes to my mind is tattoo. You don’t have to open a tattoo shop but can try to explore other businesses surrounding tattoo industry. Especially if you are an artist, creating tattoo art online might be an interesting selling point. The second thing that caught my eye is the usage of online social media such as Instagram and Facebook. In other words, if you are trying to target the millennials, Facebook and Instagram is the place to look for them. Other areas which you can explore are fitness, Yoga and hairstyle. Of cause these are just some of my thoughts which we can try to explore and make money from the millennials. Once we know their interest and their spending habits, it is much easier to provide the needed services or products. Next is just figuring out a way to sell it to them online.



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