You can always republish the same content again and again

One of the ways that you can do when you are running out of topics to blog is to republish your content again and again. The topics, ideas and content can be the same but you can mix it up with photos, videos and additional content to make it different and fresh. It won’t be the same if you rewrite it again from top to bottom. You will always have something new to add on especially if you are trying to rewrite an old blog post.

So go ahead and dig into your old blog posts. I’m sure you have a lot of new ideas and content to add on. This is the evidence or proves that you are constantly updating yourself with the latest knowledge and information. The money making opportunities online that you mention years ago might not be working now. Today you might have some new methods to make money online and it might expire tomorrow. You can just blog for today and keep yourself updated with news and information related to money making opportunities online. Nothing is forever. We can only try to make as much money as possible while the money making method is still working. This is why we have to keep on pursuing for money making opportunities online. We need to have multiple source of income because we never know if one of our money making opportunities online might stop working one day.

When you try to rewrite your old blog post that is related to money making opportunities online, you will find that most of them are not working any more. But that doesn’t mean you have nothing more to say about them.



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