You are actually selling both products and services

When you are selling a product, you don’t actually stop when customers get their hands on your product. You still have to teach them how to use the product properly. Customers will be asking a lot of questions before and after they purchase your product. You have the responsibility to teach and educate your customers about your product. If it happens that some of your products are damage or faulty during the warranty period, you need to repair or exchange the products.

When you are selling a service, customers might ask for your recommendation for products which are related to your service. Sometimes you are indirectly helping to promote other products. You might not be selling any products, but your service can trigger the intention of customers to purchase products which related to your service.

Regardless if you are selling a product or service, your business might expand into other related products or services. If you are really into making money, it is best not to restrict yourself into just one particular product or service. Sometimes your side business might do better than your main business. Besides, you need to have couple of alternative source of income in order to stay in business continuously. Sometimes the market can be unpredictable. Being a professional in a particular field by selling only one product or service and make you stand out from the competition, but it also bearing a risk of being eliminated if the market has no need of your product or service suddenly.



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