Writing Short Term Content and Long Term Content

When I’m writing an article or blog post, regardless of how many words that I wrote, it is best that the article or blog post that I created can draw lots of traffic and rank high in Google search engine. If I’m able to create 1000 articles which each of the article is able to bring at least 10 visitors to my blog daily, that means my blog will have a minimum of 10000 visitors every day. Sounds great? Well, it is not as simple as we think. Let’s further elaborate and break down the idea above.

First of all we need to consider the time required to produce 1000 articles. And if we need to produce good quality articles, it is going to take a lot more time and effort. So if you are able to produce one good quality article per day, it will require about 3 years to write 1000 articles. If you are good in writing and determine to write at least 3 good quality articles per day, it will take about 1 year to write 1000 articles. In order to complete this task, you need to have the determination, hardworking and the skill to produce good quality content.

The second thing which we need to consider is the ability of the article produced to draw traffic and rank high in Google search engine. Basically I’m referring to the information or content of the article which might be outdated over time. Take for example if you wrote an article about how to install WordPress plugin back in 2008, the information is definitely outdated after 4 years. If you wrote an article about boosting motivation to achieve success, the information can be used for a very long time. In other words, there are two types of articles that we can produce. We can either write a short term content which the information is only good for few months or few years, or we can write long term content which the information can be use over and over again for many years.

Compare with long term content, it is obvious that it is much easier to write short term content. Especially if you are trying to write good quality original content, it will increase the difficulty to generate long term content. So if we are trying to write at least 3 articles per day to generate 1000 articles within a year, writing short term content is the way to go. The problem with short term content is that although it might be able to draw lots of traffic fast in a short period of time, the amount of traffic gain will fade away as time goes by. You might need to keep on writing even after producing 1000 articles in order to maintain the amount of traffic. Thus it is best that you can produce some long term content while continue to write articles with short term content. Take few days or few weeks to produce one article which focus on long term content. Mixing up both long term content and short term content can help sustain the amount of traffic gain even if you decided to stop writing after producing 1000 articles.

P/S: Please continue to write even after producing 1000 articles. You don’t have to stop writing unless you are force to do so. Hopefully you are able to create a site which continues to draw traffic even after stop producing content. I suppose this is the kind of passive income which most of us are trying to achieve.



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