Write the blog post title after producing the blog content?

There is no absolute ways on how to write a blog post. As long as you are able to create good quality content which generates traffic, it is consider good enough. But in order to maintain the quality of the blog posts that you are creating, it is best to have a certain rules to help you keep on track with the blog posts written. There are a lot of guides provided for free online which claim to help bloggers maintain and improve the quality of the content created. I can’t say which guide is better because it is basically depends on the style of writing for each and every blogger. As long as the guide helps, you can continue to follow the method.

One of the interesting guides suggested that bloggers should write the blog title after producing the blog content. I think this is a good idea if you are not sure what you are trying to write or blog. Or if you have too much information or ideas waiting to be translated into written blog post, it is best not to write the title of your blog post at the beginning. The blog title will restrict the flow of your writing. Unless you are trying to control the content of the blog post which you are trying to write to stay on a particular field or topic, you should just let yourself write freely. Sometimes you might be surprise by your ability to create a lot of content in a short period of time. If you are able to go into the writing mode which continues to expand the content of your blog post, don’t stop. Just keep on writing until you have nothing to say.  Remember that you can always split your content into several blog posts. You can do that when you are reading back your content. I suppose we call it the 2nd draft. This is probably the best time to think about the topic.



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