Write not just quality content but interesting content too

I suppose the best content that I like to write is content that able to attract readers. As long as the content is able to gather traffic, it is consider good regardless of good quality, interesting or useful. So are there any suggestions or opinions about the best content to write for blog? Well, the most common or popular answer that I found online is to write rich useful information. The most common problem of producing such content is consistency. It is difficult to keep on produce rich useful information if you are unable to keep on learning and updating yourself. You need to maintain high quality input if you are hoping to produce high quality output. So if you are not getting any input for a long period of time, you will definitely run out of things to write one day. So the question is how to maintain input resources so that you can keep on producing good quality content. This is actually tough to maintain if you are blogging alone by yourself. This is why we see a lot of blogs with multiple writers producing content within one specific blog. We also saw some blogs making use of guest blogging to keep up with the quality of blog content.

But blogging is not just about writing good quality content. It is about producing interesting topics, ideas, opinions and discussion so that people are able to enjoy some fun reading. Since when did we choose to blog for good quality content? I suppose it is due to the introduction of search engine. We tend to blog in such a way that favors search engine so that it sends readers to our blog. It might not be a good practice but it is a practical way to gather traffic.



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