Works at Home Jobs are not just for moms but for youngsters too

I suppose the more appropriate saying is works at home jobs are for everybody. Check out the blog post title “7 Legitimate Work-at-Home Jobs for 20-Somethings” from Yahoo finance. Although I did mention and cover all some of the legitimate work at home jobs before but let us go over the list again.

Job: Teacher/Tutor
Pay: $10 to $14 per hour

Job: Mystery shopper
Pay: $5 to $40 per assignment

Job: Crafter
Pay: Varies

Job: Internet entrepreneur
Pay: Potentially millions of dollars

Job: Customer service agents
Pay: $8 to $15 per hour

Job: “Virtual” assistants
Pay: Up to $44,000 per year

Job: Writer/editor
Pay: 10 cents to $2 per word

If you are interested in any of the legitimate work at home job listed above, check out money making opportunities page for a list of sites which you can start working on. It takes a lot of hard work, time and dedication before you can actually build a steady income online but it definitely worth it if you are planning to stay at home most of the time. Most important of all, hold on to your full time job while working on the above legitimate work at home job. Consider it as a second source of income or a backup plan just in case you lose your full time job.



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