Working towards creating Values for your blog in order to make money online

In my previous post I discussed about taking action and ready to take on any problems or difficulties encounter. While doing so you can plan and try to figure out the best suitable way to make money online. Regardless of what action you take or how your plan turns out, there is only one basic method that you can make money online. You have to create values for others. I suppose you will eventually come to realize this concept after experiencing several failures. Yup, this is the direction that you need to follow in order to make money online successfully.

So how do we create values for others? Basically when you are able to help others solve problems, you generate values. In order to do that you will require skill, knowledge or experience. Just surf around and check out those entrepreneurs who successfully make money online. Their success are mainly base on the values that they created by selling their services, providing tutorials and sharing their experience. Assuming if you do not have the skill or knowledge to help others, the least you can do is sharing your experience. This is where the action that you have taken and problems or difficulties encountered becomes your greatest tool to generate values. I’m sure there are lots of people like to learn about the action that you have taken, problems encountered and the solution applied. This is the simplest way to generate values but sadly a lot of people fail to realize it.

By the way, when we are talking about working hard to pursuit for money making opportunities online, we are actually referring to lots of action taken, stumble upon lots of problems and trying to provide lots of solutions. Thus we create more values by sharing more experience so that others can avoid making the same mistakes we did. And if they stumble upon the same problems we faced, we already have the solutions they need. When we create enough values, people will be starting to depend on us. This is when we starting to make money online.



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