Will your job be replace by a robot?

If you are thinking that it is too early to introduce robot into our daily life, perhaps you haven’t been paying attention to the changes of technology lately. There are already many types of robots working beside us. The robot which I’m referring to is not like the movie “Transformer” where vehicles transform into robots. I am basically referring to simple small automatic system which helps to improve the quality of our daily life. Some of the robots that you can find in the market for examples are vacuum cleaner Roomba, robot pet dog and robot Pepper.

It might not be surprise to say that many of our daily jobs will soon be replaced by robots in near future. So the question is will our job be replace by robot? Generally the simple answer is yes. Especially if your job is a simple repeated routine work which does not required much of thinking and planning, it will be the first type of job to be replaced by robots. The best example describe is the automatic assemble robot in a car factory. So which type of job will be the least to be replaced by robots? I suppose jobs that require lots of thinking and instant decision making depending on the situation might be hard to replace.

If you are working as a blogger, will your job be replace by robot? I think robot probably can’t replace a human as blogger. Each bloggers represent a unique voice or opinion. People read blog posts because they want to know how others think. So if a robot produces a blog post, it is more likely a perfect cold hard fact with answers of either yes or no. It should be easy to predict the outcome of the blog posts because the writing pattern is almost the same. When a person wrote a blog post, it includes emotion and unexpected opinion. There is an unclear grey area which neither yes nor no that can be further elaborated. The answer is unpredictable and interesting when creativity and imagination kicks in. I suppose this is the part which robot can’t replace human as blogger. And I think it is always interesting to read a blog post because different people have different thoughts which can be surprising and interesting to read.



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