Will Publishers Getting Ban by Google for Using PLR Articles?

PLR or Private Label Rights articles are one of the most popular products online. Many affiliate marketers, bloggers or website sellers uses PLR articles to build content. The PLR articles are modified or edited to focus on search engine optimization in order for the blog or website to rank high in search engine for specific keywords. This is a typical method used by many people to boost their earnings. It seems that this method has successfully draws certain amount of traffic online. Once landing page, blog or website starting to gain traffic, money making opportunities will presents itself.

Among all the money making opportunities online, Google Adsense is one of the best and popular way to make money online. It is also one of the online ads network companies that have lots of rules and regulation. Any violation steps or actions taken to outsmart their system or gameplay will lead to Google Adsense account ban or terminate for life. This is the reason why many publishers are concern and worried about using PLR articles on their blog or website. Publishers are worry about getting ban by using PLR articles. Although publishers have the right to use the articles, it is still considered as duplicated content. If publishers did not edit or make any changes on the PLR articles used, most likely will end up having exactly the same duplicated content with multiple blogs or websites. This situation is not welcome by Google. Although there is no solid prove showing Google will ban or terminate publishers’ Google Adsense account that uses PLR articles on their blog or website, there is no guarantee that Google will not do so. Imagine when there are too many blogs or websites created using PLR articles and advertisers are not generating any business or profits from these blogs or websites. Google will then have to make some tough decision to keep their business on track. It won’t be a surprise that Google starts to terminate publishers’ Google Adsense account that uses PLR articles on their blog or website.

P/S: It will be best to just create your blog or website the right way by following the rules and regulation of Google so that they don’t have the chance to terminate or ban your Google Adsense account. If you are planning to make money via Google Adsense for many years, you have to plan and built blog or website the long term basis. At the end it is better to just write your own content.



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